Short-Term Care for Seniors

Short-term care for the elderly is a comprehensive service which provides temporary, rehabilitative care after surgery or an accident. A family caregiver may find themselves unable to handle the medical requirements or added hours of support that their loved one needs.

Short-term home care provides the skilled support needed to help move the healing process along and take the stress off of the family. You don't need to worry about your loved ones safety or medical needs. With short-term care you can recover comfortably at home.

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Custom Short-Term Home Care Plans

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Why Choose Hestia?

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    Continued Care No Matter What


What is Short-Term Home Care Service?

Short-term home care services help with the rehabilitative therapy needed to recover from surgery. This can include IADLs, ADLs, exercise, and physical therapy. Have the peace of mind knowing your loved one is cared for during this crucial recovery time.


    Helping you or your loved one remember to take medications.


    Grocery shopping, cooking meals, cleaning, and assisted feeding.


    We'll ensure you or your loved one makes it to all follow-up doctor's visits.


    Helping with basic hygiene needs such as bathing and maintaining dental care.


    Transitioning to and from the bathroom for routine visits.


    Routine clean up to keep the home manageable and tidy.


    Helping with dressing, undressing, and doing laundry.


    Transitioning in and out of bed, wheelchairs, cars, etc.


    Aiding with physical recovery care post-surgery.

"It was not until he was able to be in his home that he showed significant and meaningful recovery after a 6-week hospitalization. Your services are very much appreciated and your staff is wonderful. Thank you for working with us and working to get people back in their homes.”

"With the help of my Hestia carer and physical therapist I have gained the confidence to walk again. I would have really declined quickly if I had not had the stimulation Hestia has brought into my life."

"Wonderful care givers, kind and professional! Great with accommodating scheduling needs."


The Hestia Promise

Our Hestians are experienced and highly-trained. They receive continued training to keep them up-to-date on the best methods and practices to help you or your loved one recover from surgery or a fall. When you choose Hestia, you are choosing a team of professional specialists to support you. Our skills allow you to recover from surgery at home where you feel your most comfortable.

Think Home.

Hestia offers personalized home care plans to suit as much or as little care as you need. We give you the advantage of options and the ability to change your plan. No matter how much care you need, Hestia has a team of experts that keep you home and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I need short-term home care?

Short-term care lasts as long as necessary to get you back to either your normal in-home care service or on your own once more.

Do you help with rehabilitation?

Yes. Our carers can help with physical therapy and exercise routines to aid in your recovery.

Do you work with the VA?

Yes. Hestia works with the VA to supplement or provide full-coverage for your in-home care.

Can I continue home care after recovery?

Yes. Our seamless continuum of care means that you can adjust your home care services as needed.

Will I need to change my carer?

With Hestia, you have a network of people ready to provide the skilled care you need. Depending on your situation, we may assign a different carer to better suit your specific medical needs during your recovery care.

Do you offer 24/7 care?

If needed, Hestia can provide as much as constant 24-hour care for you or your loved one.


Carrie Stensrud

“Hestia is the primary reason for my dad's improvement. It was not until he was able to be in his home that he showed significant and meaningful recovery after a 6 week hospitalization. Your services are very much appreciated and your staff is wonderful. Thank you for working with us and working to get people back in their homes.”


Pete Talbot

"I have nothing but praise for Hestia: a thoughtful, conscientious staff; accommodating and flexible to our schedule; always checking in with us to see what we need and what they can improve on. I would highly recommend their services."


Margie Steffes

"They were wonderful in my time of need. I can't say enough about how great they were with support and encouragement for both my husband and myself. I had to go to work and they were there for me. The caregiver was the best thing ever for my husband who was dying. They are all so supportive."

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