Hospice Care in Missoula

Hospice care allows you to pass away comfortably at home. If you or your loved one are beginning end-of-life planning, hospice can ease your symptoms and get your affairs in order after diagnosis of a terminal illness.

Hestia offers a hospice care plan that includes skilled nursing care and up to 24/7 support.

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What is Hospice Home Care?

Hospice provides skilled care during end-of-life planning. It allows individuals to spend their last days peacefully and comfortably at home.


    Helping you or your loved one remember to take medications.


    Your hospice aide will help with medications, doctor's visits, and skilled nursing care.


    Grocery shopping, cooking meals, cleaning up, and assisted feeding.


    Routine clean up to keep the home manageable and tidy.


    Transitioning to and from the bathroom for routine visits, bathing, and basic hygiene.


    Dressing, undressing, and doing laundry.


    Transitioning in and out of bed, wheelchairs, cars, etc.


    Hospice support offers symptom management to reduce pain and discomfort throughout a terminal illness.


    Hospice aides provide emotional support and planning for end-of-life care.

"I am impressed with how accommodating the staff was from the very beginning and how creative they were in finding solutions. I continue to recommend Hestia to everyone I talk to.”

"I have nothing but praise for Hestia: a thoughtful, conscientious staff; accommodating and flexible to our schedule; always checking in with us to see what we need and what they can improve on. I would highly recommend their services."

"Hestia is an amazing company offering a service that is very much needed in this area! The team of caregivers are top notch, could not ask for better care for our loved ones in the community! The management and office staff are friendly and very helpful to answer questions and help guide us through the process. If you or your loved one need some extra help and cant seem to find the right fit for you, this company can provide that for you! Thanks Hestia!"


The Hestia Promise

Hestia strives to provide both physical and emotional support for individuals and their families during end-of-life planning. Our skilled care is both professional and compassionate.

Think Home.

Hestia offers personalized home care plans to suit as much or as little care as you need. We give you the advantage of options and the ability to change your plan. No matter how much care you need, Hestia has a team of experts that keep you home and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to switch doctors?

No. Your hospice aide will work directly with your doctor to coordinate your care.

Is hospice different than palliative care?

Yes. Hospice is a type of palliative care. Hospice focuses on treating symptoms and making you comfortable.

Is hospice giving up?

Many choose hospice after deciding to not continue treatment or if they are not responding to treatment. This does not mean that you cannot recover, only that you are not actively pursuing treatment.

Will medicare pay for hospice?

Yes. Medicare often pays for hospice care and will cover move fees associated with your hospice in-home care.

How long will I receive hospice?

Hospice is offered to those facing terminal illness with less than 6-months of life expectancy. So long as you continue to meet this criteria, you will continue to receive hospice support.

Is hospice just symptom care?

Hospice focuses on relieving the symptoms of illness; however, hospice also provides emotional support and end-of-life planning.


Carrie Stensrud

“Hestia is the primary reason for my dad's improvement. It was not until he was able to be in his home that he showed significant and meaningful recovery after a 6 week hospitalization. Your services are very much appreciated and your staff is wonderful. Thank you for working with us and working to get people back in their homes.”


Pete Talbot

"I have nothing but praise for Hestia: a thoughtful, conscientious staff; accommodating and flexible to our schedule; always checking in with us to see what we need and what they can improve on. I would highly recommend their services."


Margie Steffes

"They were wonderful in my time of need. I can't say enough about how great they were with support and encouragement for both my husband and myself. I had to go to work and they were there for me. The caregiver was the best thing ever for my husband who was dying. They are all so supportive."

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