Free In-Home Care Assessment

Hestia offers a free in-home care assessment to Missoula families. This assessment helps us determine what type of services and how many hours of service you or your family member could benefit from.

What to Expect at Your In-Home Care Assessment

Are you making a home care referral? Maybe you're thinking about getting in-home care for your parent or spouse. Or perhaps you've recently left surgery and need skilled nursing support or find that keeping up with the chores has become too much of a burden.

Home care can be the answer to you or your family member's needs for consistent, dependable support with day-to-day activities like:

  • bathing
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • taking medications
  • going to doctor's visits
  • and more.

What is an In-Home Assessment?

Before we start providing home care, a Hestian performs an in-home assessment to evaluate the level of care needed. This will help us suggest the ideal number of hours and the type of carers, physical therapists, or nurse practitioners you will need in the home.

I have nothing but praise for Hestia: a thoughtful, conscientious staff; accommodating and flexible to our schedule; always checking in with us to see what we need and what they can improve on. I would highly recommend their services.

- Pete Talbot

When we perform an in-home assessment for your home care, we will check a number of things to evaluate the level of care you will need. The objective is to decide whether your loved one needs minor support with daily activities or may need skilled care to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. This assessment will look at the layout of the home, evaluate your or your loved ones capability to perform certain tasks, and consider what services may improve their overall happiness and safety in the home.

These assessments also help us match you to your ideal carer based on personality, needs, and skills.

No Obligation Home Care Evaluation

Your in-home care assessment is completely free with no obligations. You will benefit from knowing what type of services can help improve your life and keep you safer and happier at home.

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